Pictures of my travels… Oldest pics are at the bottom.  















There’s a little choochoo that runs through Port Douglas on Sundays
The retail shop where I work sometimes
Sara from Sweden and Chris from Germany
Things you find at the beach
Sunsets in PD
Caitlyn and Jase. Caitlyn got the side of her hair buzzed.
Sunset picnic woth Brittany and Johanna 🙂
We play pool
This was my old room on the day that I moved to the staff accomodation. Jo was on housekeepig that day
Blaze. I freakin love her so much.
Johanna and me. It was a good bye party
Karin with the best sense of humor and zest for life. Hailing from Uruguay
Taylor from Toronto
Amelie and I out at the only late-night bar in town , Iron Bar
$15 for the best burger I’ve had in Australia. It is supposed to be the #2 burger place in the country…
This little guy is appropriately named a Stick Insect
Rebeka and I had so much fun hiding out under this counter during the free crepe event.
Port Douglas, QLD
This is where we watch the sun go down over water and mountains
Cute little church in Port
4th of July celebration with my aAmerican Friends
These little dudes are all over the beach digging holes
My home in Port Douglas
Rhiannon and me at a house party
Taylor and me the first night I went out in Port Douglas
My friends Máiréad and Vicky from the Fraser Island trip
Máiréad, me, Rachel, and Vicky. These are the girls I invited to Thanksgiving . Love them !
Awesome old tree on Fraser
This freshwater lake on Fraser Island was beautiful
Fraser Island inland tracks
Caught up with my friend Christian from DC who is doing an MBA in Brisbane #maccas
In Byron Bay I made a friend named Melinda who gave me these cute little organic Bananas
The plane I jumped out of…
Self-explanatory 😜
Courtney and Ashleigh from Brisbane. Met them in Byron Bay and cant wait to see them again in Brissy!!

In Gold Coast I ate at a Mexican place called Motezuma’s… which I thought was a funny name. Have they heard of Montezuma’s Revenge? I didn’t get sick.
Coolangatta, Gold Coast
Interesting memorial in Sydney’s CBD.
“Palmie” view from the lighthouse in Palm Beach
Lighthouse at Palm Beah in northern Sydney. Thank you Laura for hooking me up with Rob without whom I would not have had the opportunity to see the Northern Beaches.
Sydney. It really is stunning
Bondi – Coogee cliff walk
I 💚 the Bondi – Coogee cliff walk
Bondi Beach
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour
Beautiful Park in Sydney
Sydney Architecture
Cool Mural
Park at the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
I love planes!
Quaint street in Melbourne
Melbourne + me
Beautiful city of Melbourne
Flying over Mebourne’s CBD as the sun comes up just before landing!
Boarding the 787. Look at the huge wondow!
Departing from Dulles Airport, my favorite!