Two Realities / Keeping Perspective

“Two Realities” is an entry which I wrote after visiting Brighton Beach one Saturday two weeks ago.  It examines two perspectives on my experience that day.  I hesitated to publish it until today when I added the complimentary “Keeping Perspective” entry which I wrote about my day today, 18 February 2016. 

Two Realities

Reality #1:

Today I woke up late but rested. The weather was nice but the sun was too bright. I decided I would explore a new place but to get there I had to walk amongst a disorganized mess of man-made boxes, trash bins along the road, and trees dissected by power lines. Eventually, I reached the train station, paid the burdensome fare, and waited as rode in the metal box towards the beach. Upon arriving, I followed the crowd of people towards the crowded beach. The beach was not the sort of beach to which I was accustomed. It was small, rocky and there were seagulls. The sand was so hot it burned my feet and I was forced to walk in the water. As I walked, I saw bits of trash in the clear blue water and evidence that the marine life was unhealthy. Also, there were bothersome seagulls. I had to squint as the sun was too oppressive for my eyes and I also feared that my skin may get burned. Eventually I made my way back home relieved to be away from that beach and sheltered from the sun.  

Reality #2:

Today I slept in until ten o’clock savoring every bit of rest. It was a beautiful day and I decided to get out and explore a beach I had never seen before. As I strolled to the train station, I walked past some cute homes and remembered that the sky in this part of the world is special – a very beautiful shade of blue. The journey to the beach would have been long and exhausting had I not been able to ride on this train. Upon arriving to Brighton I noticed all of the other people headed to the beach. I though how they too must appreciate the natural beauty of beaches and how this connects us all. As I walked along the hot sand fortunately I was able to cool my feet by walking in the clear blue water. As I listened to the waves’ calming crash, I saw a tiny little fish enjoying this paradise. I saw peaceful, marvelous, white birds walking and leaving their little footprints behind on the sand. I felt the sun nourishing my skin with vitamins and energy and my eyes lit up by the bright sun. I arrived home happy to have experienced such beauty, satisfied by the day, and appreciative of nature.   
/   /   / 

Keeping Perspective

I woke up at 6:30am. I hit the snooze button three time times which I’m sure was annoying for my roommate Bridget. I finally got up. Poured a cup of instant coffee and a bowl of cereal and sat there, tired, and not wanting to go to work.  

Bridget came out to the kitchen. She was laughing about what her mom had just posted on Facebook (a picture of her hugging Spongebob and Patrick stuffed animals when she was a kid, so cute!) which I had also just liked on Facebook. We had a laugh over that because she had just told me about that very thing last week!  

Breakfast is not normally notable but this morning Bridget was there with me at 7am with me – very unusual! Even when she works early she stays in bed until I’m about to leave at 7:30. I always eat breakfast alone. And that’s fine. But this morning was unusual.  

After we talked about the Facebook post we kept quiet for the most part. Except for one thing: the one thing I was thinking and which I kept repeating out loud was “I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to go.” Then I showered and went to work.  

Yesterday I went to the cafe where I buy lunch everyday. I didn’t feel like going there but there’s really nowhere else. Ok, there are two other choices but I ruled them out long ago, so I went there anyway. Plus, I’m a creature of habit. Then the guy was rude (ok that’s an overstatement he was just a bit odd with me) and upon leaving I thought, “I’m not coming here anymore, this is the last time.”  

Today I ate lunch at one of the two other places. It was nothing like I remembered; the price was reasonable and the service spectacular. “I’ll come here from now on,” I thought.  

I went back to work. It was slow. I finished reading “Into the Wild” earlier in between calls and had nothing to do now. I usually spent my time between calls reading or exploring the world via Google Maps satellite and street views, daydreaming of Hawaii and future travels. Today I couldn’t think of another city to virtually explore in all the world. I was really bored, but sticking with it, sitting patiently which I’m pretty good at. I’m really good at dealing with boredom, seriously.  

I went on my afternoon break. I stood out front of the building for some fresh air, looking at my phone, tempted to look at Facebook but not really interested. This is the case with boredom.  

I watched as a DHL van drove up. The driver hopped out with his delivery package, walked across the road, and stopped curiously, looking at the curb in front of me. “There’s twenty bucks,” he said to me. It took me a second but I understood – he just noticed $20 on the curb in front of me, next to a car, and instead of taking it for himself he told me about it!  Like he wanted me to have it!  He walked on happily, and I accepted his gift happily!

I went back to work and waited for the day to be over. I left work and topped up my Myki (public transport card), and went to Coles (the supermarket). Check, check, check.  

I was headed home from the store when I got the call that I am not “required” to go to work tomorrow. The campaign was too slow and there were not enough calls to keep everyone.  My second job lost in two months.   

However, I will not let this be a negative thing because it isn’t! The job served its purpose. I made some money, the job bought me time and it gave me something to do with my days. When I got this job it was perfect timing as I had just lost my last job. (I swear it’s not me and I don’t suck that much, haha). Truly, these are transient backpacker jobs and being disposable is to be expected.  

And that’s why I’ve added this bit on to my little Brighton Beach reflection from two weeks ago; because I can see this situation in two ways: positive or negative. It’s all about perspective. And it’s my choice. I’m thankful for the job and the money it provided. Very grateful. This job truly helped me!  

But let’s be honest – the reason I’m here on this Earth is not to work in a call center so this isn’t a big deal. And every time life takes a turn it pushes me onward! And upward! In December, out of pure determination and honest effort, I planted the seed that became this job. Turns out it was a small – but valuable – seed. It didn’t last long but it sustained me long enough.

And now another seed will blossom.  


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