Kuranda Daytrip: Kuranda Scenic Railway

Part three… This one’s about the old train part of the journey. 

Kuranda is a cute little town up in the mountains outside of Cairns, Queensland. It’s a quaint little free-spirit type of place and probably one of the top tourist attractions in the area.  

We took the Skyrail (a cable car) up to Kuranda and Kuranda Scenic Railway (cool old train) down the mountain. 

This is an account of my day trip in pictures and videos… 

So, like I said at the end of the last entry, have a beer.   

Walking down to the station… A picturesque old station. 

You taking a picture of me taking a picture of you on the platform of the Kuranda Train station in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia.  😳  

Got on the train and took a silly selfie.  The benches seat 4 people each and face eachother.  The aisle is on the right side of the train because all of the views are on the left side of the train.  You don’t have a lot of space so I would recommend paying the extra $50 to upgrade to gold class where you will have your own seat, lots of space, and food and beverage service.  Right up until the train started moving I kept telling Jo, “let’s go upgrade!”
 We didn’t get to upgrade before the train left the station but eventually the kind train attendant told us there was a really empty car at the back of the train so we got to walk between the cars while the train was moving.  That was exciting!  And then we had plenty of space.    

Not long after departing Kuranda we arrived to Barron Falls.  That is the same amazing waterfall we had seen that morning on Skyrail but now from the other side.  Spectacular!   

We got off the train for ten minutes to admire the falls and take selfies. 

There are many twists, turns, and tunnels as we head down this steep mountain.  This bridge is right next to the falls in the following picture.

Que bonita!

We finally reached the bottom of the mountain just before… Woah I’m having like 4 layers of déjà vu right now! ..We reached freshwater station.  Omg deja vu is so weird.

Typical Australia!

Freshwater Station.  We caught a bus back to Port Douglas from here.  The majority of people got off the train here too but you can continue onward to Cairns Station. 

One thought on “Kuranda Daytrip: Kuranda Scenic Railway

  1. Julie Gallagher says:

    I like that use of que bonita Tomatito!!! I miss you and think about you and your adventures all the time. Hope you are enjoying yoursef- it sure looks like you are.
    Go get it and embrace every minute of it!
    Love you sweetie!
    Yours truly,
    Julie G.

    Liked by 1 person

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