Kuranda Daytrip: The Village in the Rainforest

Part two!

Kuranda is a cute little town up in the mountains outside of Cairns, Queensland. It’s a quaint little free-spirit type of place and probably one of the top tourist attractions in the area.  

We took the Skyrail (a cable car) up to Kuranda and Kuranda Scenic Railway (cool old train) down the mountain. 

This is an account of my day trip in pictures and videos…

 Welcome to Kuranda!  You can see its charming already.  

A village packed with character. 

 THE BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY IS EVERYTHING! I will write a dedicated post about it later. 

So they apparently brought this plane to Kuranda just “because.”  

 Head into the markets, a winding hill of small shops and vendors selling food, art and all kinds of souvenirs.  

I loved the little alleys and shops. 

 Plenty of character!

More charm in the form of a church. 

 Nothing left to see so we have a beer until it’s time to head to the train station for the Scenic Railway.  I was so happy they had Stella.  Yum. 

Toot toot!  Train is departing soon.  Kuranda Scenic Railway station.  More about that in the next post. ✌🏻️

3 thoughts on “Kuranda Daytrip: The Village in the Rainforest

  1. Rosie Wirs says:

    Tommy … love reading your blog about Australia. Your Mom told me about it and I’m hooked! You’ll never regret doing this and I’m so happy to hear about your experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

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