Cape Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk

If you’re traveling to Byron Bay you must take an afternoon to walk up to the light house!  

Start walking along the beautiful beach until you reach that bit over towards the very left of the picture.  Along the way you’ll see beautiful birds as the waves crash.  You’ll see some surfers too as surfing is probably the most popular activity in Byron.  

Once you’ve reached the end of the beach you walk through the woods and over a hill.  On the other side you walk along a small road with beautiful houses to your right and a beach to your left.  Can you imagine living in this sweet house, which faces east, and seeing the sun rise over the ocean and beach everyday?  #lifegoals

Continue along the sometimes densely wooded path and around many bends. 

Occasionally you emerge from woods and notice you have what seems to be a never ending path of stairs ahead. 

You are rewarded with cliff views. 

Finally you reach the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.  #photoop
 “Every day is a winding road”

Just a few more steps!  I was really exhausted by this walk and did NOT feel like climbing these last few steps.  I had a lady working out trying to beat me up these stairs though, so I had to pick up the pace!  I’m a little competitive…

 You’ve reached the top!  This is a good spot to whale watch.  I didn’t see any whales.  

Looking east out to sea.

Close-up of the lighthouse. 

#lighthouse There’s a little cafe up there where you can buy beverages, gelato, and baklava.  You know, I had to replace the calories I burned on the one hour trek up the hill.  Wouldn’t want to lose weight!  LolzDon’t forget you also have to walk all the way back down the hill.  The shortest way is along the road.  Or you can retrace your steps down the footpath.  I took the road, of course.  😳


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