Skydiving in Byron Bay


I faced my fear and went sky diving today!  I have to say it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, terrifying for sure, but only extremely terrifying for a few seconds.  I was second out of the plane.  The first person went, and then we started positioning to get out and I was grabbing the handlebars around the door like, “oh shit, I might fall” and then the instructor took my arm and forced me out.  BOOM!  We were falling.  So fast I forgot to scream… Until I remembered that I was freakin terrified!  That didn’t last long – it was beautiful up there so I was quickly distracted from screaming.  I saw a circular rainbow in a cloud next to me.  I could see the waves hitting the beach, the blue sky, the town.  It was beautiful and perfect weather for it this morning.  Just a few clouds and otherwise clear blue skies.  

For some reason, I had it in the back of my mind that I would do this in Byron Bay.  Don’t know why but it just felt right.  As usual, I took a day to commit to signing up but then I did the very next morning.  Why don’t I do stuff like this at home?  Why don’t we “just do it” more often?  It was a nice feeling to just let go and fall, allowing the instructor to keep me safe instead of being in control.  

Oh!  And I have an extremely flattering video of me falling (un)gracefully from 14,000 feet to share with you when I can get past some technological hurdles.  

Skydive!  Face your fears!  Go be free! 

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