The Great Ocean Road

Back when I was daydreaming of coming to Australia, and researching what I could do here, I was most intrigued by all of the natural wonders and sites such as the Uluru and 12 Apostles.  Something about nature makes me feel closer to God and it just feels better than any man-made city.  The Great Ocean Road is a great way to see some nature.  It follows the southern coast from… Um actually I don’t even know, you’ll need to google that.  I’m just here to give you pretty pictures.  But I can tell you that it starts a little west of Melbourne and goes for about 300km until it reaches the 12 Apostles and along the way you get to see some amazing sites including a rainforest.   I would put more facts into this but this wifi is atrocious and it’s making this app freeze.  I hope you enjoy these photos and videos.   

I believe this one’s self explanatory…


Looking towards the 12 Apostles.  You can see that a couple have fallen.  There are only about  7 left because there were only 9 or so to begin with and the waves here are ridiculously huge and powerful. So yeah, they just thought “12 Apostles” sounded nice.  Prior to that name, they were known as “The Pig and Her Sows,” or something like that.  Sorry for all the semi-facts!  I will do better when I have better internet (or a better memory)! 


Loch Ard Gorge. 



Oh oh!  I took a helicopter ride around the 12 Apostles.  That was fun. 

Loch Ard Gorge

One of the overlooks along the journey. 


In the rainforest.  This tree was 300 years old and I was seriously huge.  There were many, much smaller trees in the rainforest that were literally a thousand years old, or more. 

Loch Ard Gorge


One of the last stops was a place (just a place, like a road next to a trailer park) where we could see Koalas and these beautiful birds.  This one thought my head was a comfy place.  

2 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road

  1. Delphine Contessa says:

    Nice pictures and vidéos Tommy! I guess the bird thought you were matching his colors… Bonne chance on job and lodging hunting. Bisous


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