Some pics from yesterday

Jet lag hasn’t been bad for some reason but the first day was gloomy and even though I spent almost the entire day out I didn’t take many pictures.  All of these pictures are from yesterday in chronological order.  You can see how the weather changes and the sun comes out.  Thank God for sun, it is the best medicine!  


I went to breakfast at the Rendezvous Hotel just down the street from my hostel on Flinders Street in The CBD.  Upon leaving, this is my view (above) of Fliders Street Station.  Quite a busy spot and my hostel is directly across from the action.  Gloomy morning. 


Federation Square.  Beautiful development with cafes, and outdoor theatre, visitor center, and arts stuff in there (I think).  I got some coffee and sat in not of the comfy chairs until the sun came out.  


ommmmmmm. 👌🏻 The sun is finally out around lunch time!  Hells yeah, let’s go explore again!  


The city is beautiful when the sun is out and you’re not stuck in between the tall buildings and hustle of the CBD.  The sun had come out briefly the day before but I kinda missed it because I was inside getting a bank account.  I walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens which are on the south side of the Yarra River, just a short walk across the bridge from where I’m staying.  


I took a break on a bench for a hot sec and arranged for a tour to the 12 Apostles (see photo on home page) for Friday and then walked through Southbank which has a beautiful promenade along the Yarra River and a couple pedestrian bridges to Flinders Street station.  One of the bridges had a bar/restaurant underneath it in the middle of the river.  I went there and sat in the sun with a “meatball toastie” and mom, if you’re reading this, yes that’s water I’m drinking 😉.  I looked over the guide book from Juju, Sasha and co.  


View from Southbank along the river.  


And finally I was like, I gotta get away from the city I need nature!  So I went to St. Kilda on a tram which is about 20 minutes out.  There be the beach.  I was so happy. 


Just an intersection. 


This house was named Clarendon.  😍 like Arlington! 


Yay palm trees.  I realized that I was expecting much more of this in Australia and I think I will be seeking more of a beach vibe (rather than city) as I travel around and find a spot to settle.  

3 thoughts on “Some pics from yesterday

  1. Julie Gallagher says:

    Dear Tomatito- you’ve been gone five minutes but I’m already obsessed with your blog. Me, being the technology hating B that I am, have never in my life, before this moment, actively read a blog. I’m doing it for you! And wishing you live and happiness on your journey!
    Xoxo Julie G.


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