Leaving Home

I don’t even know why I’m leaving anymore.  I’ve been waiting so long to leave (about 4 months) that I’ve forgotten what I was hoping to achieve by going to Australia.  So much has changed in four months!  I’m finally out of a stagnant job and relationship, and everything I wanted to run away from has mysteriously removed itself from my life.  I knew I needed to move on but couldn’t do so because I am a creature of comfort.  I enjoyed the comfort of my routine and thought my life was good enough – why make myself uncomfortable? That would be like dumping cold water on my head and who would choose to do that when you can stay blissfully, ignorantly, warm and dry.  But finally I was laid off from my job and that freezing water woke me up.  That was a little scary but then all the doors seemed to open and all signs have been saying “go to Australia!”  Then life started to get really good.  The fact that I am leaving has forced me to LIVE a little more.  I’ve made so many new friends, forged deeper friendships with old friends, and made many new memories.  It’s been amazing and now I’m leaving.  

I’ve been here in DC for the last five and a half years so why has it taken me until now to make all these great friends and memories right before I leave town?  I think there are two reasons: 

  1. I’ve moved on from things that are “old me” 
  2. Knowing that I have limited time here has motivated me to enjoy my time before I leave. 

I was hoping to go to Australia to have a fresh start but as it turns out, I basically have had one right here at home while planning to leave.  “New me” is here before I even left home!  I guess the lesson is that if you want to change your life and find a “new you” you don’t have to leave home, as I thought.  That was dramatic!  You just have to listen to yourself, move on from the things you know you’ve outgrown (very difficult to do but if you wait long enough like I did, those things will eventually move on from you), and finally live like you’re moving to the opposite side of the earth next month.  

I’ve said all my goodbyes and I can’t wait to leave this Sunday.  Hopefully things aren’t too different when I return.  But who knows, they could be even better than I ever imagined!  

First stop Melbourne!  

2 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. John Farley says:

    On the flip side, if you didn’t embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity, you may never forgive yourself! I think this is going to be great for you and cannot wait to read all about the upcoming adventures. Your friends, your life, your “new you” will be right here where you left it, I assure you.

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